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I am encouraged to see more grassroots activity at various Walmarts. It seems to me that some high-visibility successes are necessary. Union management and politicians will not make anything happen. People willing to stand up at the grassroots level might be.

... the Walmart actions are no more "grassroots" than the campaigns I mentioned above - except in the sense that they do engage actual workers in the sectors that unions are interested in organizing ... but only in small numbers ... to wit, the Walmart campaign is run by the United Food and Commercial Workers union - just like SEIU runs the Fast Food Forward and Adjunct Action campaigns ... while it's vital to organize in such sectors, I fear that it's too little, too late ... and the game is always about getting workers into particular unions when it should be about building a huge front of workers for justice - irrespective of the particular formation, network or organization they're part of ...

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