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Mary Lynn: I respect your opinion and tip my hat in thanks to all the contributions you have made to OMB in it's short lifetime. But I am sick and tired of people criticizing the media when they know nothing apparently of the day to day work that goes into "doing media." First of all, in almost all cases, interviewing people that speak English fluently enough to be understood is a requisite for doing interviews. This tends to favor professionals over others. Hiring a fixer that speaks the native tongue is important but as newsrooms have been cut back so have budgets for translators been slashed. I could go on and on, but my point is this: continue to slam the media for not covering what you think is important WITHOUT at least honoring all the hard work and dangerous work my colleagues do in foreign countries and eventually there will be NO reporting from these locations.

BTW I think the labor story in Egypt and elsewhere IS very important. But the idea that someone as smart as you could dismiss the story of the professional class taking up this democracy cause as not being just as important mystifies and disappoints. -dg

David, this was not an article about "the media." It was about class bias and blinders that lead to ignorance of the long history of organizing and demonstrating by the Egyptian (in this case) low-income working class that preceded Tahrir Sq protests, and continued after the "youth" went back to their "middle class" homes. (quotes refer to terms used by "the media.") I am sure you would not have made the same mistake had you been there. (PS: Many of the workers who were eventually interviewed spoke English!) Mary Lynn

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