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This is crackling good news ! I hope that OMB is able to find able writers for new, exciting news stories. Great to see the expansion of a media source that many of us have been following since the begining.

but it's totally cool for more folks to apply ... not everyone can work for us every week, so it's nice to have a more than 2 or 3 reporters on call ...  Jason, OMB

More complete than minutes, budgeted for with public funds, the stenographic records of the public meetings of Boston City Council are made available in an encoded format .sgstn stenograph stenonote instead of decoded. It would assist folks with hearing loss if it were available in plain language. Failure of City Councilors to make available the stenographic record is an example of a lack in open government principles.

this is the kind of larger story we'd like to look at if we can raise enough money to do investigative/enterprise reporting ... but thanks for the heads up ... Jason, OMB

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