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Do you really want to live a life based on fear? And anyway there is nothing to fear. The only real reason is being greedy with your bandwidth, and do you really want to be a greedy antisocial person. Why not share? Keep your network open, and share the wifi with your neighbors. Keeping it open makes an internet connection available to others. It's just the right thing to do. Why are people so greedy? Believe me, you don't need all that bandwidth. At the very least, open it up when you aren't using it.

Your sentiment is admirable, but naive. Concern of legitimate threats is not irrational, but preservative.

I would love to share my wireless network with neighbors. To do this, though, I need to trust them first. If I feel I can trust them, then I'll give them my network key.

I would never keep my network open, as any individual or compromised devices within range (on the street, in another building, whatever) could sniff packets, connect, and gain access to my files and critical web traffic. An unsecured network is an invitation to identify theft, potential legal problems and infected machines.

Be smart and secure your connection, Rob.

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