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This is indeed a wonderful resource for the general public at large but I would wonder how someone qualifies himself, especially with the wiki section, to make such pivotal suggestions on how and where such a vast amount of money is spent. In addition to the resource, I would hope for some basic training in financial oversight before I actually comment on the site itself with potentially bad ideas. Other than that this is definitely next generation grass roots organizing and I hope it gets the utility it deserves.

You've got two eyes, a heart and a voice, Mr. Dvorkis. That's all the qualification you need. Especially for projects in your local area, you and members of your community will know best what projects you need and which are superfluous. Community organizers need to activate and mobilize members of their communities to speak up about what's needed in their neighborhoods. If they don't, communities will lose control over the projects that are intended to help them.

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