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All the BS and lies about Question 2 are stupid. If someone wants to die, let them. They have to have to psych evals, at different times, incase after the first one they decide they dont want to die. Infact, they can stop the procedure up to the time they take the first dose. Conservative Christians are disgusting...always saying "Dont Tread On Me" while they tread on everyone elses civil rights.

just thought I'd toot our own horn here for a moment ... this editorial not only broke our one-day record for unique views, and correctly called the outcome on all three questions - it also crashed our server for a couple of hours between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. ... which tells us two things: a) we have built up a significant social media presence and need to bulk up our editorial operation again; so we can keep growing, and b) we're definitely going to need to upgrade our site ... ;>

have a great day all ...


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