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Jason Pramas, Editor/Publisher
Jonathan Adams, Associate Editor
David Goodman, Senior Staff Reporter
Tara García Mathewson, Staff Reporter
Haley Hamilton, Staff Reporter
Leonardo March, Staff Photographer

Sarah Betancourt, Kareem Chehayeb, Dory Dinoto, Amy Grunder, Sue Katz, Andrew Jeromski, Jesse Kirdahy-Scalia, Diana Mai, Carly Maltais, Christine O'Connell, Annie Shreffler, Ana Traynin, Elizabeth Washburn, and Tate Williams

Special Events Unit 
Khadijah M. Britton, Kristin Caffray, Kareem Chehayeb, Dory Dinoto, Curtis Entenmann, David Goodman, Diana Mai, Christine O'Connell, Jason Pramas, Annie Shreffler, Sean Temple and Charngchi Way

Editorial and Development Advisor
Fred Johnson

Staff Emeritus
Matthew Andrews

Interns Emeriti
Kelly Brolin, Lesley University; Sabrina Casseus, University of Massachusetts Boston; Liz DeWolf, Trinity College; Derek Downs, Lesley University; Elise Filo, Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts; Leticia St. Remy, Bowdoin College

Contact Info
Open Media Boston
9 Hamilton Place, Suite 2A
Boston, MA 02108

Non-Profit Sponsor
Open Media Boston is a project of Media Working Group, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Business Model
Open Media Boston has operated as a non-profit news organization throughout its run. However, it is worthy of note that we did attempt to launch a consumer co-operative business structure in 2010. An experiment which failed after a serious organizing effort lasting over a year - due to our inability to attract enough share-owning members to launch and run the co-op. A cautionary tale for furture attempts along similar lines. 

Open Media Boston is brought to you by generous support from the Grassroots Infrastructure Trust, the Haymarket People's Fund, the Solidago Foundation, and viewers like you.

Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net)

Mission Statement
Open Media Boston is an online metropolitan news publication dedicated to regularly publishing fair and accurate news, views, arts, entertainment and technology coverage for the Boston, Massachusetts, USA area in text, image, audio and video formats. We are an audience-centered publication with a progressive editorial stance that will constantly solicit submissions and commentary from the general public using the latest social media technology while maintaining professional journalistic standards at all times. We will always strive to balance open participation with editorial control in the service of this goal.

News Cycle
With volunteer editors and paid contract reporters, Open Media Boston currently runs on a loose weekly schedule - except during the winter holiday break and mid-summer break when the publication generally goes on hiatus. Should our budget situation improve, our schedule will return to a regular weekly schedule with shorter breaks.

How to List an Upcoming Event on OMB
Registered users are welcome to post events to our Upcoming Events calendar. Email us at for more info.

Interested to start an Open Media branch in your city or region?
Drop us a line at and we'll chat. FYI, any prospective Open Media editors will generally need to have some significant media background; so we'll want to see a resume and samples of recent media work from anyone who'd like to start an Open Media branch in another area of the U.S. or world.

Site Developer
Aaron Williams

Drupal 7 Transition Developer
Nancy Eckert

Initial Site Developers
Aaron Couch, Chris Fernandez, and Angela Pineros

Logo Design
Nerissa Cooney and Alexander Hage, Golden Arrows

Complaint Department
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